Choose the Best Gynaecologist For a Female in Newtown and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

Choose the Best Gynaecologist For a Female in Newtown and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

When searching for a gynaecologist in Sydney, keep in mind that both a male gynaecologist and a female gynaecologist can get the job done. One of these specialists, Dr. Surya Krishnan, has years of experience in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. While some women prefer a female gynaecologist, others go to Dr. Surya for his knowledge of the field and his sensitivity regarding gynaecological issues. Women who need a routine pap smear and women who have serious problems in their reproductive systems can both visit Dr. Surya, who is available to patients in Newtown and in the eastern suburbs.

Patients looking for a gynaecologist for a female in Newtown and the eastern suburbs of Sydney need someone reliable who understands their individual needs. Though certain conditions are more common than others in women, such as urinary tract infections, Dr. Surya knows that each case is different. At the Sydney Women’s Clinic, patients can expect their gynaecologist to treat their conditions individually and with the time and care they deserve.

Opt For Surgical Treatment by a Skilled Gynaecological Specialist

Some women seeking a female gynaecologist are searching for a surgeon who understands gynaecological surgeries and procedures perfectly. Dr. Surya Krishnan at the Sydney Women’s Clinic treats women in the eastern suburbs, as well as Newtown, with a few surgical procedures. Some women have painful gynaecological conditions, such as uterine dysfunction, fibroids and endometriosis. Laparoscopic surgery and other interventional techniques can bring relief to many women, and Dr. Surya’s thorough and careful way of approaching surgery puts patients at ease.

Dr. Surya’s work in the United States, France and India has helped him become a skilled specialist in his field. Though he is not a female gynaecologist, he understands female anatomy and the potential problems that pop up during pregnancy and everyday life. Whether a woman has a high-risk pregnancy or needs a hysterectomy, Dr. Surya can meet with them and discuss options. Patients can travel from Newtown and the eastern suburbs of Sydney to numerous hospitals, where Dr. Surya can consult them on various gynaecological issues.

Conduct a Search for a Male and Female Gynaecologist in Newtown, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Both a male and a female gynaecologist can skilfully handle all kinds of problems that patients might have. Dr. Surya Krishnan, in particular, specialises in obstetrics and low- and high-risk pregnancies. However, his expertise spreads beyond the obstetrics field. His abilities match that of a skilled female gynaecologist who can perform surgery, checkups and consultations, as well as assisted conception treatment.

At the Sydney Women’s Clinic, the staff treats all patients with respect and dignity. No matter what the condition, Dr. Surya Krishnan tries his best to diagnose the problem and find a solution for it that is healthy and improves the wellbeing of all women in Newtown and the eastern suburbs. Visit to learn more about gynaecological conditions and Dr. Surya’s extensive knowledge base in obstetrics and gynaecology.