Find Top Gynaecologists in Newtown and Eastern Suburbs in Sydney

Find Top Gynaecologists in Newtown and Eastern Suburbs in Sydney

Women with special gynaecological conditions in Sydney need to find a trusted specialist who can handle their cases on a personalised basis. Some specialists may be so busy that they don’t have time to dedicate themselves to a single patient. Dr. Surya Krishnan of the Sydney Women’s Clinic does not have those restraints. Dr. Surya, who studied at the University of New South Wales and pursued fellowships in France and the United States, works as one of the most skilled gynaecologists in town, treating patients in the Eastern suburbs, Newtown and elsewhere in Sydney.

One particular specialisation of Dr. Surya’s is low- and high-risk obstetrics. He can treat both routine pregnancies and pregnancies requiring medical intervention with a high degree of skill. Many gynaecologists stick to their field of gynaecology, but Dr. Surya, who is also an obstetrician, can treat a variety of conditions. With his broad knowledge, he can customise a treatment plan for any patient who comes in. All women have unique needs, and Dr. Surya helps to meet those needs by taking the time to evaluate every patient.

Choose Gynaecologists in Newtown, Eastern Suburbs and Sydney With a Range of Experience

In addition to his schooling in Australia and his time at a fellowship program in India, Dr. Surya Krishnan is an expert in teaching medical practitioners in general practice with various workshops. His work with medical trainees assists future gynaecologists in Newtown and the Eastern suburbs in Sydney to follow in his footsteps as a specialist with a wide range of experience. Patients can feel at ease at the Sydney Women’s Clinic, knowing they are about to see a professional who has worked with many women and many different, difficult cases.

Australians with English as their first language are not the only patients gynaecologists like Dr. Surya can receive. People who speak Mandarin and Indonesian can come to the Sydney Women’s Clinic and speak to him in their native languages. Dr. Surya’s fluency in other languages helps him branch out and reach other female patients who otherwise may not served as well by Australian gynaecologists. Dr. Surya’s attempt to reach out to minority groups is another sign of his dedication to each patient that walks in the door. Visit Gynaecologists to Treat Various Conditions

Obstetrics and gynaecology is the field many think of when they think of pregnancy, labour and birth. However, the field involves care of many other conditions, such as endometriosis, cysts, menopause and more. Gynaecologists look at the all-around health of their patients, and Dr. Surya Krishnan is one of the practitioners in Newtown and the Eastern suburbs who understands the need to carefully examine each patient’s issue. Women suffering from various illnesses associated with gynaecology can receive advice from Dr. Surya about both minimising their pain and addressing the problem.

On the other hand, women can visit the Sydney Women’s Clinic just for routine check-ups. Dr. Surya Krishnan treats women who just need regular pap smears and updates on their condition. Whatever the problem is – if there is one – Dr. Surya can treat it with patience and care.