Treat Pelvic Floor Disorders With a Urogynaecologist in Newtown, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Treat Pelvic Floor Disorders With a Urogynaecologist in Newtown, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Obstetricians and gynaecologists in Sydney can treat many conditions and disorders. However, those with pelvic floor disorders and incontinence should see a urogynaecologist specifically. These specialists treat overactive bladders and urinary tract infections as well. At the Sydney Women’s Clinic, Dr. Surya Krishnan, an OB/GYN specialist, handles conditions that a urogynaecologist would see. The urinary system and female reproductive organs are closely connected, so only an expert urogynaecologist can treat these conditions efficiently.

Patients in Newtown and the Eastern suburbs benefit from Dr. Surya’s advice and treatment in regards to urogynaecology. Women who suffer conditions like pelvic floor disorders need a doctor who understands their situation and can treat their symptoms on an individualised basis. Dr. Surya is the one who can truly assist these patients, some of whom need procedures like hernia repairs or hysterectomies.

Speak With a Trained Urogynaecologist in Eastern Suburbs and Newtown in Sydney Dr. Surya Krishnan gained his obstetrics and gynaecology knowledge from schooling at the University of New South Wales and fellowships in France, the United States and India. His reputation allows him to hold consulting sessions in several Sydney hospitals. As a result, patients with unique urogynaecology problems come to Dr. Surya for a solution. People in the Eastern suburbs and Newtown have a local expert to speak to about their pelvic floor disorders, and they can be treated with medication or with surgery.

Conditions treated by a urogynaecologist can vary from patient to patient, and Dr. Surya understands the need to craft a personalised treatment plan for all his patients. Pelvic floor disorders carry their own complications, but with Dr. Surya’s knowledge and treatment, women can find relief from their symptoms. Some urogynaelogical procedures include rectocele repair, paravaginal defect repair, removal of the ovaries and many other surgical interventions. A skilled urogynaecologist in Newtown, the Eastern suburbs and Sydney can implement these procedures with careful planning and investigation into the condition.

Alleviate Uncomfortable Symptoms With Medication or Surgery

Some pelvic floor disorders and other conditions, like urinary tract infections, can be treated without surgery. Patients who undergo surgery may be fearful of the process. However, a trusted urogynaecologist like Dr. Surya Krishnan can help patients in Newtown and the Eastern suburbs alleviate their pain with minimally invasive surgery. Laparoscopy, a procedure that involves a small incision and a laparoscope, helps diagnose and treat urogynaecological problems. In many cases, doctors finish up the surgery in just 30 minutes.

Dr. Surya and his staff at the Sydney Women’s Clinic work with the most modern technology and medical practices to ensure relief for many patients. A great urogynaecologist, when faced with the most difficult cases, can diagnose the problem and treat the patient’s source of suffering. With modern procedures like laparoscopy and other surgical procedures, urogynaecologists like Dr. Surya bring happiness to many women with pelvic floor disorders.

Patients can learn more about their conditions at, which speaks in-depth about pelvic floor disorders and other afflictions. Schedule an appointment with the Sydney Women’s Clinic to start a treatment plan today.